Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine

The Medical Faculty is the longest established faculty in Hong Kong. The Faculty was deemed as the premier Faculty when the University was established in 1911. Serving Hong Kong for over a century, it has firmly established itself as a medical school of learning, innovation, and enterprising; it is a medical school of moral, vision, and care. Since its inception, the Faculty has been playing a pioneering role in medical education, training and research.

Virtual Expo and Virtual IDay for Undergraduate Admissions 2020:

Programme Highlights

HKUMed MBBS: A Six-year Odyssey

Enrichment Year Series

Where do HKUMed MBBS Students Go for their Enrichment Year?

Enrichment Year Series

Enrichment Year in Yunnan, China

Alumni Sharing

Prof KY Yuen x Dr Ko Wing Man

Enrichment Year Series

Enrichment Year in the U.K.

Enrichment Year Series

Enrichment Year in Manila, Philippines

Alumni Sharing

Dr Sharon Chow x Dr Loraine Chow

Enrichment Year Series

Enrichment Year in Research

Thematic Week Activities (Oct 26-30)

Stay Tuned for Thematic Week Activities


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